20 Years of Origin Energy: What You Should Know

Two decades since the Origin Energy story started back in February 2000, when they demerged from Boral Ltd (another beloved Aussie brand!), they’re now Australia’s leading energy retailer, providing energy to homes and businesses across the nation. As Origin likes to put it, a lot of energy goes into energy, and they don’t just sell energy: they’re deeply involved in the national energy supply chain, working every day towards innovations that make energy more affordable and environmentally-friendly.

Going Green

Origin Energy has made great strides in renewables over the last two decades, and they’re proudly the largest green energy retailer in the country, providing GreenPower, Green Gas and GreenLPG. They currently serve a whopping 360,000 customers with solar PV, and their wind power portfolio has the capacity to serve 330,000 homes. Their investments in renewable and solar are steadily growing, with the lofty sustainability goals of exiting coal-fire generation by 2032, and deriving 25% of their owned and contracted power generation capability from renewables by the end of FY2020.

In 2015, Origin Energy became the world’s first energy company to sign up to the first seven commitments of the ‘We Mean Business’ coalition, which is dedicated to accelerating corporate action on climate change. You’ll find detailed info on Origin’s carbon commitments and the progress they’ve made here.

“Our position on climate change is absolutely clear. We unequivocally support measures to progressively reduce global emissions and acknowledge the role the energy sector needs to play in transitioning to a lower carbon future.” Frank Calabria, CEO

That’s the sort of good energy that Australians can get behind!

The Origin Difference

Origin Energy is known for top-notch customer service, no lock-in contracts on home energy plans, simple pricing, reliability, customer-first approach and a reputation for excellence; there’s so many reasons why 3.4 million Australians choose Origin Energy to power their homes.

They’re also known for their out-of-the-box innovation: they’ve recently launched Origin Spike, an exciting program that’s the first of its kind in Australia. Origin Spike rewards customers for saving energy while also reducing the load on the electricity grid in the process. During SpikeHours (peak times), Spike members get rewards for reaching their energy-saving goals, like PayPal cash or gift cards. Save energy, help the planet and get paid — what could be better?

The award-winning Origin Energy app is fantastic too; it’s so easy to track your energy use, identify trends and avoid the bill shock that so often comes with energy providers.

According to leading Aussie consumer advocacy group Choice, Origin Energy outranks competitors for green electricity and complaints management, with 63% of calls made to the company answered within only 30 seconds.

Conveniently, they’re also the folks behind Origin Broadband, meaning that you can simplify your bills and save money (currently $10/month) by getting your energy and your internet from one provider.

Are Origin the cheapest energy provider?

When you’re comparing energy providers, it’s important not just to look for the cheapest electricity prices, but for the best value for money.

Understanding how the pricing works means you can make sure you’re getting the best deal for how you use your electricity and gas; that’s why Origin’s simple pricing means that you don’t have to have a PhD in electrical engineering to know you’re getting a good deal!

Some energy providers will insist you sign 12 or 24-month contracts, with potentially expensive exit fees; at Origin, there’s no exit fees or lock-in contracts on their residential plans, so you can change or cancel your plan when it suits you.

It’s worth keeping in mind that a cheaper price isn’t much comfort when something goes wrong — with Origin Energy’s commitment to customer service, you know they’ve got your back. Last but not least, their smart app lets you monitor your power usage with a detailed hour-to-hour breakdown, you can understand how and when you’re using power at a glance — no more bill shock. The app even uses smart analytics to predict your monthly spend, so that you can monitor and tweak accordingly. With Origin Energy, you’ve got the power.

’Tis the season for better energy

Ready to switch? It’s easy — and rewarding! If you switch your electricity and/or gas to Origin Energy (or upgrade your plan) using Econnex (a leading Aussie energy comparison tool), you’ll get a nice little bonus just in time for the Xmas season: a Woolworths gift card valued at up to $200 (T&Cs apply).

This limited-time offer is valid until 30th December, so you can go greener for 2021 while powering your home with better energy and your Yuletide with good tidings! The process takes about 2 minutes, and is 100% obligation-free, so head over to Econnex’s exclusive November offer for the fine print and to sign up. It’s never been so easy (or rewarding) to switch and save.




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